The greatest university in history was Nalanda - and it too was destroyed during the Buddhist Holocaust. Yet Japan preserved and protected the great heritage and knowledge and even brought it back to India. We are consulting with the world's top historians to find out what really happened to this bastion of Buddhist civilization - and what lessons can the world learn from it. 

The Buddhist Extinction is the worst genocide in world history - yet the world's greatest bastion of knowledge & spirituality was preserved by Japan... 

The greatest holocaust in world history was the complete and total eradication of every trace of Buddhism from the original nations of what is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Maldives. Every single Buddhist temple and monastery was destroyed without a single exception - and every Buddhist was killed or converted resulting in the largest ever genocide the world has ever seen. We are in talks with the world's top scholars from all corners of the globe to conduct serious, authentic research into this Extinction of Buddhism and will be publishing our findings to ensure that this important story is told.