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Sempo Chiune Sugihara was born into a Samurai family and at the Kyosenji Buddhist temple of Japan. He married Yukiko, the grand-daughter of a Japanese Buddhist priest and went on to make history as a Japanese diplomat. When stationed in Lithuania, during the 2nd World War, Sempo went against orders and issued visas to 6000 Jews in order to save them from persecution and death. This translated to saving between 40,000 and 100,000 Jewish peoples. Sempo suffered greatly for his sacrifice and retired in Japan as a pariah and in poverty. His final resting place is a Buddhist cemetery in Japan's most sacred town Kamakura in Tokyo which is also the birthplace of Samurai culture and was its capital. What inspired Sempo to stand up for the Jewish peoples was his Samurai Code of Honor which commands us to show compassion to those in need and to display honor in adversity.  Sempo was awarded as the "Righteous Among the Nations" by the State of Israel and is a role model for us all regardless of religion, creed or nationality -- be it Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or secular. This Center is thus named to honor his legacy and shining example and to bring people together from all walks of life who are bound by the universal principles of compassion and kindness -- as well as the courage to stand up against bigotry and antisemitism in all of its forms.

The Samurai Oskar Schindler

The Sempo Center for Human Rights and Holocaust Studies is the first non-Jewish organization in the world to fight against antisemitism and to honor the victims of the Shoah Holocaust -- in a bid to combat bigotry and genocides all over the globe...